Come in sit down would you like a drink wine, tea? Maybe a slice of cake or some hummus. 


I’m Hannah and I am now a fully fledged adult, apparently.

At 21 I left uni after studying Costume for 3 years, drinking cheap vodka and Rola Cola, sleeping until mid day, eating cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner and then pizza in bed at 2am. Now I am 23, I wake up at 4am for my job as a baker, I have a mortgage, a cat named Danni and I am engaged. I fell head first into being a grown up.


I am stumbling and bumbling my way through life, trying to convince myself I like kale salad more than coleslaw and crisp sandwiches, house bills, vet bills and council tax, while trying to save to do anything. But learning that red wine really is better than vodka, exercise does make me feel good when I can be bothered and planning our weddings is my new favourite thing.


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